The course lasts 16 days and is divided into 2 blocks , the experience as a spectator and professional in two events of great importance and the learning as a student through training.

Street performing arts training

SPASA offers 72 teaching hours divided into four courses , taught by four companies specializing in different disciplines of street arts. 


Fira Tàrrega and Aquelarre

The student will actively participate as an audience and attendee in these two events: FiraTàrrega and Aquelarre de Cervera. The organization will offer an immersive experience to these events, focusing on different aspects of these such as the organization, relationships with professionals or the preparation of the artists who will participate.



The course begins on August 26 with the arrival of participants in Cervera. On the same day, they will be able to enjoy the activities organized at the Aquelarre de Cervera. At the same time, talks and workshops open to all participants are organized throughout the weekend, where they will delve into the particularities of this traditional festival.


The school year begins on Monday 28 August , with the workshops of the companies invited to this edition. There will be two companies per week offering between 4 and 5 sessions of four hours each.

Finally, from the night of the 8th  in September , participants will enjoy FiraTàrrega from a professional point of view; watching shows but also attending specific trainings and activities that will make the student experience how a great street arts festival works .


Complementary activities

During the course we will be able to enjoy parallel activities to the Aquelarre de Cervera and FiraTàrrega. Apart from experiencing both events intensely, we will have talks with different professionals in the sector, we will have access to the PRO spaces of the two appointments and we will attend open rehearsals and pre-functions.  


* Remember that the SPASA organization doesn't take care of FiraTàrrega tickets. Grab your tickets on the web


Prices until June 1: € 600 full / € 350 a week
Subsequent price: € 700 full / € 400 a week