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The artist

Adrián Schvarzstein, a reference artist of street theater and other forms of performance, based in Barcelona, ​​has accumulated vast experience as an actor, stage manager of music and opera, and working in circus and street theater in all of Europe.


Founder of Circus Klezmer and creator of works such as "The Green Man" and "The Bed", he has taken his shows to more than 70 countries, standing out for his ability to actively involve the audience and to employ chaos, surprise and innocent provocation as key elements in his works.

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The workshop

In this workshop we will deepen our skills related to the practical world of street theater and theatrical stagings that unite actor, spectator and public space.


Through practical exercises and character development we will delve into this fascinating artistic discipline.


An interesting experience for all of you who are open to discovering that the street belongs to us!

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