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The company

Eléctrico 28 is an artistic collective that nurtures the ecosystem of daily human (and animal) life that unfolds outdoors with immersive street shows made with humor and love. They see the street as a multidirectional and organic choreography of living beings moving under the sky and on the mostly cemented ground, although sometimes also covered with grass or sand. While life goes on outside, Eléctrico 28 permeates small actions that range from the everyday to the fantastic, and that question preconceptions and conventions of theater and public space.


Imaginative, playful, warm, witty and affectionate, his projects encourage spectators and pedestrians to perceive the orderly order of which they are a part and to open windows to new stories and new ways of relating to the environment.


Eléctrico 28 aims to show the brutal beauty of leaving the house, of walking the streets, crossing paths with the rest of your kind and seeing them in the light of the extraordinary.

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The workshop

Intervention workshop in public space with expressive means specific to the performing arts, the work of space and body and the imaginative observation of cities.


"FIND YOUR FILTER" is a workshop where intervention techniques in the public space from street performance arts and the Eléctrico 28 collective's particular view of everyday life and urban spaces are shared.


It takes place entirely in the street and is aimed at any person or group that wants to explore ways of changing established uses of public space and that wants to convey their feelings in relation to life on the streets with the language of performance.

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