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The workshop

Intensive workshop for insitu creation based on listening to the territory and relevant writing. 

Analysis of the impact of insitu creation. 

What the artist says and when and how he says it.

A first approach to the NCNC world, to immerse yourself in the richness of this work and its current relevance.

We will use a methodology based on the processes of creation of the NCNC films and we will seek the continuous confrontation between the participants themselves and between them and the environment.

The workshop is open to all types of creators interested in working in the public space. There will be no transmission of any artistic discipline: all will be welcome and will be able to enter into dialogue with what we propose.

The company

NCNC is a company of multidisciplinary artists based between France and Spain, who work in public space and with its inhabitants. With the NCNC (Nuovo Cinema Neo Cinetico), the company develops regional artistic projects that combine cinema, photography, visual arts, live performance and intervention in space


His work is recognized for its high standards, knowing how to mix and reconcile artistic quality and depth of relationship and bonds forged with the inhabitants during the project.

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