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The workshop

Physical work, where theory is put into practice.

Get rid of our fears, work on vulnerability (creative tool), the simple.

Build in the empty space, then communicate the emotions with the gesture. Using the word as a secondary tool.

Work on the awareness of the body and space through the senses and movement, to learn to stimulate and respond with play, the different diversities that we can find in the street.

The artist

Christian Casanova


Murmuyo's work is formed from the investigation of movement and gesture in urban space, achieving a dynamic mix that leads him to be the "drill bit" that is put into operation in front of any situation that may be " perforated".
This forms a homemade virtuosity of overflowing imagination, taking the public to very funny experiences of vertigo, which ultimately turn out to be a satirical and caricature mirror of the human virtues and flaws that usually coexist in the labyrinths of the City.
Follower of the vein of physical and gestural theater developed by masters such as Jacques Lecoq, Marcel Maceau, Etien Decrouix; Murmuyo uses the body as the main tool to communicate emotions, create images, characters and illusions on stage. This gives his shows a playful and dynamic character where communication with the audience is essential.

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