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METAMORPHOSIS OF THE CITY by Grega Močivnik and Nina Vombergar 

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The workshop

The workshop will focus on the use of physical theater methods in order to create powerful images in the public space using the bodies of the performers. Through guided physical improvisations, participants will be encouraged to playfully interact and connect with each other and the space around them. A creative and surprising dialogue will be established with the mundane urban scene.

The company

Ljud Group, established in 2008 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In the last 15 years, the Ljud group has created and produced many different theater projects in public spaces around the world. With the performance the Invasion (still on tour) they visited 31 countries and more than 90 festivals around the world. They organize free open theater workshops for young theater enthusiasts and youth workers called Ljud's laboratory that have been taking place in Ljubljana for 14 consecutive years.

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