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The workshop

What can and cannot be done in public space today?

Who decides?

What are the limits?

What are these actions impossible?

What do they imply?

You dare try them?


This lab invites us to start a journey through observation, the

reflection and experimentation to try to understand where the

If there are any limits to be reached, then that is impossible.

We will check the potential of the street arts as a tool of social transformation, of the value of the collective, as the utopia and the prohibition, how and what decisions we take, and the importance of rituals and collective emotions.


A short but intense journey that will focus on us as people and

creators, in the world we live in, in our decisions and implications, invites you to experiment from intuition, humor, bodies, provocation, excitement, surprises, finally put in I play our creativity and empower us to operate.

The artist

It's a shaker, convinced that art must be put in the service of people and social transformation, believe in humor, surprise and provocation as tools to make possible the impossible. It’s a starter in the field of  humour and street arts to make possible the impossible to make possible the impossible.

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