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The coloniality of the body in public space


The workshop

Rituals have always been an essential part of human sociality, as well as an intimate means of grounding and connecting with the inner self and with others.
The cultural issues will be: Who decides who belongs where and why? ; Where are your borders?
Talking about definitions and classifications of countries and cultures involves discussing borders, which in turn more specifically involves people who cross borders.
Topics will deal with the decolonial body, decolonial spaces, queer identities, migration, refugees – all through an intersectional approach.

Create through improvisation in public spaces, using the street as a scenographic tool.

The company

ONDADURTO TEATRO is a theater company founded in 2005, based in Rome.
Led by Margò Paciotti and Lorenzo Pasquali, it has flourished thanks to the joint effort of those who have been involved in projects and activities over the years.
The research and creative work carried out by ONDADURTO TEATRO focuses on Physical Theatre, Nouveau Circ and Gesture.
The different expression techniques we use help create a strong visual language that allows us to interact with people of any age, ethnicity and culture and reach an international audience.
Our performances and shows combine the use of large moving objects, machinery, fireworks, water effects, video projections and music.

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