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The workshop

Where music divides us, sound brings us together.

None among us, whether we are rich or poor, illiterate or learned, young or old, can break away from our sound environment. While each social group has its favorite music, and while the "other's music" is an undesirable "noise" which is sometimes cast away, even hatefully, the sound environment is a collective world, invisible but indisputable and perceived by all.


Décor Sonore's latest productions – 'The Kaleidophones' and 'The Cloudspeakers'  (« Le Son qui vient du Ciel ») – invite us to listen to the soundscape as a potential composition, exploring the interactions between the « déjà-là » (existing sounds) and intentional sounds produced by musicians.


Providing both theoretical material and outdoor experiments, this workshop will introduce various ways to listen, share and play along with this sound environment, with the help of acoustic and electronic devices.

The company

Directed and cofounded by composer Michel Risse, Décor Sonore produces sound installations and performances in public spaces. Internationally regarded as one of the most innovative companies in this field, Décor Sonore carries out productions that speak to everyone, ranging from small scale performances to stadium events.


The city is Décor Sonore’s main support, stage and dramatic material. The company's productions involve sounds, resonances, harmonies of natural or industrial elements our everyday urban life is composed of, in order to offer a unique perception of the world. Its unusual, hybrid creations aim at changing the way we listen to our environment and re-invent our relationship to music.

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