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The workshop

1. The actors

Our language is in between dance and theatre but you don’t need to be a dancer you just need to be free in your body.

We are trying to invent stories in a metaphoric, poetic, emotional and humoristic way.


2. The outdoor space

We will work the voice and the body in the outdoor space.

How to take –into account our sound environment, or any disturbing elements


3. The Public

How to manage,10,100,1000 people,how to anticipate the movements of the public,how to do so that it does not disturb the rhythm of the show.

The company

Doriane Moretus and Patrick Dordoigne have been involved in the development of street performing arts for over 30 years.


In 2010, they felt the need to join forces to pursue their artistic adventures together. Thanks to the complementarity of their experience, they offer shows mixing theatre and dance, with a poetic approach, focused on human beings and their living conditions. As a creative team, they share research on the questions of current generations, always driven by the desire to develop a “different” language for the public space.

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