From August 27 to Setembert 12, 2021


An international two-week street arts training. Taking advantage of two important stage events that take place in the region of Lleida in a short period of time, four companies will perform intensives of the subject for an audience interested in creating in public space.


We believe that street arts should be based on a theoretical and practical specialization of their performers. We are committed to a 360º vision of the sector and we want to work on the different disciplines that make up the street arts. In each edition of SPASA we will delve into the practical work and tools used by different internationally recognized companies and professionals in the sector.



 Theatre Fragile 

 Poetic mask in public space 

Més informació

 Bodies in public space 

 Cie Willi Dorner 

 Cia Kamchàtka 

 Street Theater Workshop 

 Building the triangle 

 Goro Osojnik 



The Objectives that we set ourselves with the creation of these courses are the following:


Help to implement training as an essential tool in the street arts sector.


Weave an international network of collaboration in the sector, taking advantage of the contacts and synergies that may arise from the courses.

Gathering consolidated companies, professionals and people who are just starting out.

Understand, learn and exchange techniques, knowledge, working methods and processes that I can start from the SAME base, the public space, but that have very different approaches.

Continue with the international recognition of FiraTàrrega and extend it to the Coven.


Professional active performing arts artists who have an interest in street arts.

Professional street arts artists who want to have a more complete vision and knowledge of the sector


Members of emerging companies that extend Interested in professionalization.


Students of Performing Arts who want to know or specialize in street arts.


Any active professional (producer, programmer, manager, set designer, ...) who wants to delve into the techniques, knowledge or operation of the street arts sector.


FiraTàrrega is the international performing arts market that, since 1981, has been taking place annually in Tàrrega on the second weekend of September. A showcase of scenic creativity, with a heterogeneous program that pays special attention to street arts and public space.


FiraTàrrega is a space for the exhibition of contemporary performing arts and a meeting, contact, hiring and exchange point for the agents that operate in this cultural market.


The Cervera Aquelarre is the festival of fire, music and the witches of the west lands, an explosion of popular culture that is celebrated in the city of Cervera every last Saturday in August.



The course lasts 16 days and is divided into 2 blocks , the experience as a spectator and professional in two events of great importance and the learning as a student through the trainings.


The student will actively participate as an audience and attendee in these two events: FiraTàrrega and Aquelarre de Cervera. The organization will offer an immersive experience to these events, focusing on different aspects of these such as the organization, relationships with professionals or the preparation of the artists who will participate.


On the other hand, SPASA offers 72 teaching hours divided into four courses , taught by four companies specializing in different disciplines of street arts.

The course begins on August 28 with the arrival of participants in Cervera. On the same day, they will be able to enjoy the activities organized at the Aquelarre de Cervera. At the same time, talks and workshops open to all participants are organized throughout the weekend, where they will delve into the particularities of this traditional festival.


The school year begins on Monday 30 August , with the workshops of the companies invited to this edition. There will be two companies per week offering between 4 and 5 sessions of four hours each.


Finally, from the night of September 10 , participants will enjoy FiraTàrrega from a professional perspective; watching shows but also attending specific trainings and activities that will make the student experience how a great street arts festival works.


The course will be taught in English.

There are only 20 places available. Be quick!!


The price includes:

  • Accomodation

  • Lunch and dinner on weekdays

  • Transport between Cervera and Tarrega

  • Full attendance to all activities of SPASA 



Until June 1 ...





From June 2 ...

All training 500€

One week 300€

All training 600€

One week 350€


*Registration offer prices

valid until June 1st.